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Vendor Base

We have a strong base of vendors which has supported us in always delivering superior quality Textile Softener Chemical, Cationic Softener Chemical, Silicone Softener, Polyethylene Softener, Textile Chemicals, Food Additives and allied products. Our vendors are always focused about the quality of products and also whether the specifications of the product match the requirements. These firms collaborate with us to understand and match the chemical needs of various industries. We select our vendors through a tough selection procedure against the parameters of market goodwill, quality and timely delivery.

Product Range

As a dependable supplier, trader, exporter and importer, we offer the following products:

Additives for Animal Health

Toxin Binder

Vitamin Premix

Cocktail Enzymes




DL Mthionine



Tylosin Tartrate


Tylosin Phosphate


Colistin Sulphate

Lipase Cellulase

Cyromazine 2%


Pre & Pro Biotics


Organic Trace Minerals


In-Organic Trace Minerals


Electrolyte Mix


Additives for Food


Acetic Acid

Calcium Propionate (CP)

Ascorbic Acid


Beverage, Sauce, Jam & Jelly

Acetic Acid


Ascorbic Acid



Anti Oxidant

Citric Acid


Cocoa Powder

Food Colors

Coffee Brown


Tartrazine Lemon Yellow


Food Flavours

American Ice Cream

Butter Chives


Butter Chives Taste Enhancer

Ice Cream

Candy Cover

Choco Paste

Cocoa Powder

Choco Slab

Chemicals for Textiles

Biopolishing Enzyme

Cationic Softener

Biowashing Enzyme

Silicone Softener

Desizing Agent

Polyethylene Softener

Wetting Agent

Emulsifiers For Silicones

Scouring Agent

Alkali Replacements Buffers

Drumming Agent

Acetic Acid Replacer

Dye Fix Agent

Dispersing Agents For Dyes

Dye Levelling Agent

Anticreasing Lubricating Agents

Stain Removers

Resins Wrinkle Free

Peroxide Stabilizer

Jute Processing Chemicals

Peroxide Killer

Chemicals for Plastic

Internal & External Lubricants

Antifog Additives

Processing Aids

Filler /Pigment Coating Additives

Flow Improvers

Non Phthalate Plastisizers

Slip Additives

Speciality Additives

Antiblock Additives

Epoxidised Soyabeen Oil

Antistatic Agents

Flame Retardants & Additives

Synthetic Wax

Acrylic Processing Aid

Pigment Wetting Agents

Impact Modifier

Filler Dispersants

Tin Stabilizer

Viscosity Depressants

Stearic Acid

Speciality Plasticizers

Titanium Dioxide

Secondary Antioxidents

Lead Stabilizer

Mixed Metal Stabilizer

Client Satisfaction

Our continuous engagement towards the attainment of client satisfaction has returned us favorable results. With the support of an effective query resolution system, we have been able to resolve any issues regarding the quality of products and delivery timing. We never compromise with the quality of our products to maintain a high level of client satisfaction. Our team members dedicate themselves and put their best efforts to maintain cordial relationship with clients. A set of ethical business practices have guided us towards the path of trust and mutual growth.

Primary Competitive Advantages

In our long market presence, we have developed perfection in handling various aspects of our business operations and providing better products to our clients. These unique selling points of ours have helped us in staying ahead of our competitors and maintaining long-term relationship with our clients. Some factors that define our expertise are as follows:

  • Link with Professional Vendors
  • Total Quality Assurance
  • Fair Business Policies
  • Competitive Prices
  • Timely Delivery
  • Client-centric Approaches