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Additives For Animal Health
GLOBAL CHEMICAL LTD supplies Additives for Animal Health that are precisely formulated and packed to ensure they have a long shelf life as anticipated. Besides, these additives are tested for zero-impurities. 
Dry Yeast
Our company is offering Dry Yeast that comes in small sachets, enabling customers to have control over their cooking styles. Besides, our yeast is also used for commercial and industrial fermentation, brewing, and cooking applications. 
Additives For Food
The Additives for Food range comprises some food ingredients that help in product finishing. We have dry fruit pastes and chocolate compounds to decorate pastries, macaroons, cakes, cup-cakes, waffles, ice creams, tarts, etc. 
Chemicals For Textiles
Our company is supplying Chemicals for Textiles that have great solubility, making them useful for coloring, printing, pre-treating, post-treating, and bleaching the fabrics. These chemicals are stable and hold 99% purity assay. 
Chemicals for Cosmetics
The customers may find safe to use acids in our Chemicals for Cosmetics range. Most of our chemicals are used for formulating both medical and generic ointments, lotions, creams, powder, etc. 

Chemicals For Plastic
Chemicals For Plastic supplied by our company are known for their effectiveness, longer shelf life, accurate formulation, and chemical stability features. These chemicals also have stable melting points, making them easier to work with. 

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